Quick Community Guidelines

Welcome! This is an abbreviated version of Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and should help new members quickly understand the rules of the community. Any questions can be directed to help@experienceproject.com

In short, this is a Community of Positive Support, where members share the experiences important to them (health, children, pets, relationships), to connect with people who understand them without being judged or embarrassed. With that in mind, here are the abbreviated community standards that you should know:

  1. Have Fun: This is a fun, positive, supportive place, where you can express your true self. The intent of our community is to be positive and helpful to all our members, and we want everyone here to be enjoying themselves and helping us build a better community. If you are not having fun and behaving in a positive manner, or enjoying your time on the site, your account may be terminated without notice. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, harassing or mistreating the moderators, purposefully reposting duplicate or substantially similar content, demeaning the community or other members, attempting to deceive the moderators, and other similar unproductive behaviors.
  2. Maintain Privacy: Don't reveal information that could directly identify you or others in your posts or private messages (names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, locations, etc.). Search engines are capable of crawling this, and any other site's, public content (e.g., stories, but not private messages), so take common sense precautions about what you publicly post anywhere on the internet, including Experience Project.
  3. No Solicitations: Political campaigning, religious preaching, and commercial advertisements in any site content, including private messages, is not allowed. If you would like to advertise on Experience Project, please contact us.
  4. No Spam: Chain letters, mass mailings, and duplicate postings are not allowed on Experience Project. Please post each story once, to the most appropriate group.
  5. No Children: This site is intended only for users 13 years of age and older. If you are under 16, you may use Experience Project only with involvement of a parent or guardian. No one under the age of 13 is permitted to use the site, and will be removed on discovery.
  6. No Professional Advice: Nothing communicated on this site should take the place of a trained professional (doctor, psychologist, lawyer, accountant, etc.). This site is for peer-to-peer entertainment and support, and should never be used as a replacement for the advice and care of a trained professional.
  7. No NUDITY or Sexually Lascivious Material: While Experience Project is open to the experiences that impact your life, including those that involve sexuality, Experience Project is NOT a place for fantasy, titillation, pornography, sexual harassment, or sexual solicitation. Advocating sexual behavior towards minors, or promoting behavior generally considered illegal in the United States (such as immediate family incest), is not appropriate, and is subject to removal. Likewise, do NOT send another member unsolicited or unprovoked sexual content.
  8. Experience Project abides by all Federal Laws: Any material or actions deemed inappropriate, as classified by the FBI, may be immediately forwarded to authorities and/ or the CyberTipline, which receives leads and tips regarding suspected crimes of sexual exploitation committed against children. The CyberTipline is operated in partnership with the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, U.S. Secret Service, military criminal investigative organizations, U.S. Department of Justice, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force program, as well as other state and local law enforcement agencies. Reports to the CyberTipline are made by the public and Electronic Service Providers. ESPs are required by law to report apparent child pornography to law enforcement via the CyberTipline (18 U.S.C. § 2258A). These actions include:
    1. Possession, Manufacture and Distribution of Child Pornography
    2. Online Enticement of Children for Sexual Acts
    3. Child Sex Trafficking
    4. Sex Tourism Involving Children
    5. Extrafamilial Child Sexual Molestation
    6. Unsolicited Obscene Material Sent to a Child
    7. Misleading Domain Name
    8. Misleading Words or Digital Images on the Internet
    More information can be found at: http://www.missingkids.com/CyberTipline
  9. Be Yourself: Do not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the origin of an entry. Duplicate accounts are NOT allowed.
  10. Respect Copyright: Do not post anything that infringes on intellectual properties rights, or violates copyright.
  11. No Hate: Content against another member or group of people (ethnicities, cultures, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) is NOT allowed. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  12. No Harm: Content that is threatening, incites violence or suicide will not be tolerated.
  13. No Child Harm Groups: Topics advocating ideas that have been shown to be directed to, or directly harmful to, children are not allowed and will be removed when they are reported.
  14. No Animal Harm: Topics advocating abuse or lascivious behavior with animals will not be tolerated.
  15. Self-Policing: The community is self-policing, and you can flag any piece of content, or any member for review. Experience Project staff is not able to actively examine all content unless it is brought to our attention using the flagging mechanisms.
  16. Respect Community Moderators. The job of Experience Project Community Moderators is to preserve a safe, respectful environment allowing for people of all backgrounds and personality types to coexist peacefully. If content violates Experience Project’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities or is seen as more detrimental to one population than it is beneficial to another, it may be removed or hidden from specific areas of the site. Though it can be frustrating to have your content flagged, moderators are always available to answer questions about these decisions at help@experienceproject.com.

Members Violating Any of the Above Can and Will be Removed from the Site without notice.

Please carefully review the full text of Statement of Rights and Responsibilities before using this Site. In case there are conflicts between this document and that one, the full Terms prevail. Any questions can be sent to us at help@experienceproject.com.