Female , 13-15

Um.... I don't know what to put. ^>^ it's really hot where I am T.T I.... Have a crappy computer? I love anime and I love to cosplay and go to conventions. I've.... Hm..... Just look at my Experience's. You'll figure it out. XD

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Favorite Quote Italy: The other day, I had an extremely disgusting pizza. England made it.
  • a little Irish
  • and a little German
  • and a little Swedish
  • and a little Russian
  • and a little British
  • and a little Danish
  • and a little Celtic
  • and a little Scottish
Vices ????
Politics Liberal
Horoscope Gemini
Special day 6-5
Books Otomen, Death note, Bleach, Some girls are, Hetalia, The outsiders, etc etc.
Music Metal, Techno, Classical, um.... Example: Alesana.
Movies Anything, but disney movies.
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I Cosplay Anime Characters

I Cosplay Ciel I go to anime conventions and i walk around with a ciel cosplay. My friend walks around with a flag with russia with hetalia on it, and ill carry around Gilbird. [more]
  • I Attempted Suicide

    I Lose Myself In All These Fights.. im gonna tell you what i did first then the story behind them. 1-overdose 2-drowning 3-cutting heres the story- I hate school because of the bullies grades dropping from 100% t… [more]
  • I Tried to Commit Suicede

    Whats Going On..? I have had suicidal thoughts for a long time, and my first time started when i made my note about how its not their fault and blah blah blah. Then i took sleeping pills 4 thats too much for me 1 pill … [more]
  • I Want to Join the Army

    Im Going To Be Inthe Army I'm a girl and i REALLY want to be in the army, well because i love to make a stand and to fight for what i believe in! Sure i sometimes thought our country would fall but it still is here all because… [more]
  • I Hardly Ever Leave My House

    I Used To Be Outside Everyday I used to be outside every day and go to the woods,the creek, the tree houses and try to climb the tall trees...But after going to this new grade there's a crap ton of homework and i have about 3 hour… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I stay up all night in the dark..
    Im writting this because i can't sleep, so many things are on my mind right now. I am usally like this can't sleep,have many things on my mind.When im up al night i sit up aginst the wall listening to music on my ipod. I think about all the people i let down and how many people let me down,And how scared i am to go to a camp where people won't like me. Last year was ok but, this year will be harder because people have started to notice im acting different. And at my chool/camp if you're different or act different you get bashed on by everyone like last year. When i'm like this im usally out of it, and crying because well, there's so much on my mind right now. I might sound whiny to you, but … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    musics the only thing keeping me here but...
    songs like dont jump and rescue me by tokio hotel, And never too late my tdg is starting to fail. Those songs helped me stay alive through tough times in my life, like one time i was ready to end it and before i even tried i listened to this never too late and it made me start crying because i knew things could change..They didn't not for me. That first story in this confession was about a month ago maybe 2. Things were getting worse my friends stopped talking to me, every1 i knew was turning their back on me. I had nothing to live for.Nothing.Thats from today i feel like i have nothing left and i know it. Its too late for me to be saved at this point thats how lost i am and music cant save … [more]
  • Ich liebe musik

    Posted on: March 31st, 2012 at 12:53AM

    Ich denke, ich mochte nur gerede uber musik, seit ich nes viel wollen, aber ich wirklich liebe rock und "Emo" Musik es worklich kompliziert ist weil ich einer der diese art von musik mag so ist es irgendwi schwer ist luete zu finden, bin redet mit. Ich bin so stolz tippet das ohne dolmetscher nur founa weg zu meinem sanguage auf english zu weshseln, um deutsch BAM los gehts. Ich bin worklich hyperr gerade jetzt, und ich weib nicht, warum. Nun gehe besser uben meine islandiche und die norwegiche und die aunderen auche XD lol ich bin auch irgendwie sprache vurruckt!! Gute Nacht!iebe Musik… [more]