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I Like Joyce Meyer

Joyce Is God's Choice To Get To Me! I love Joyce! She is one of so many examples of what God can do to your broken pieces of you only trust Him. Though I also like Copeland and Dollar and many more who preach the word Joyce is the one... [more]
  • I Have Hyperhidrosis

    15 Years Of Sweating Have Not Won! I don't know how to begin sharing my story, Its like everything of everyone's experiences I have read on here! In the 15 years or so that I lived with terrible sweats I cannot even recall all o… [more]
  • I Love Running When I'm Upset

    Running Is My Drug Of Choice. Whenever I am upset, or stressed I need to release my energy. I feel this is what our bodies are basically designed to do. Run. I have never done well with people.Because of my personality I bought a … [more]
  • I Love Lists

    My Life Can Be Counted On Lists! If one thing is undeniably true about me is that I have a list where my brain should be. I enjoy making lists. I have done this for so long that now I can actually do them in my head. I cannot … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Opinions Vs Judging
    I cannot stand all this criticism... everywhere. People just don't know where the line is . When somebody attempts to defend something here goes the free speech attack. Come on man  drenching someone in vicious remarks and labels and bullying about the color of their clothes or because they are lazy on not is Not free speech. When did we stop looking at ourselves before we open our mouths. We all think we are better...… [more]