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I Have a Confession

I cannot stand all this criticism... everywhere. People just don't know where the line is . When somebody attempts to defend something here goes the free speech attack. Come on manĀ  drenching someone... [more]
  • I Have Hyperhidrosis

    15 Years Of Sweating Have Not Won! I don't know how to begin sharing my story, Its like everything of everyone's experiences I have read on here! In the 15 years or so that I lived with terrible sweats I cannot even recall all o… [more]
  • I Love Running When I'm Upset

    Running Is My Drug Of Choice. Whenever I am upset, or stressed I need to release my energy. I feel this is what our bodies are basically designed to do. Run. I have never done well with people.Because of my personality I bought a … [more]
  • I Love Lists

    My Life Can Be Counted On Lists! If one thing is undeniably true about me is that I have a list where my brain should be. I enjoy making lists. I have done this for so long that now I can actually do them in my head. I cannot … [more]
  • I Like Joyce Meyer

    Joyce Is God's Choice To Get To Me! I love Joyce! She is one of so many examples of what God can do to your broken pieces of you only trust Him. Though I also like Copeland and Dollar and many more who preach the word Joyce is the one t… [more]