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I'm super shy. Send me a message, if you really want to talk to me send me messages when you feel like it, I'll get online and read em. I'm a bit afraid to chat but I do work up the courage :*)..... I get mad but I like everybody really... that's how I've always been I feel... have a good one :*D.

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I Am Happy

Finally, and not because my life is perfect. I met someone who actually wound up being bipolar and stealing all my money, I was nearly evicted... I had to put them in jail because they assaulted me... [more]
  • I Have Ptsd

    Well This Sucks. I mean.... the second I believe I'm happy I seem to get to relaxed and … [more]
  • I Have Social Phobia

    Admitting It Is so much harder than I thought it would be. I have always thought I had it then denied it. But I can't look at my life and say I have typical reactions... I have to go to a secluded, partially water… [more]
  • I Love Italy

    Yeah... I just love this place... so much history and such good food... the people are so expressive... they drive tiny cars... and wear very nice shoes. Of coarse these are stereotypes but things made in Ita… [more]
  • I Am Athletic

    Not Competitive: Woman I love how i feel when I do sports its that simple. It feels good and when you win you know you've done a really good job and worked out in the correct ways to maximize your athletic ability.… [more]