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I'm super shy. Send me a message, if you really want to talk to me send me messages when you feel like it, I'll get online and read em. I'm a bit afraid to chat but I do work up the courage :*)..... I get mad but I like everybody really... that's how I've always been I feel... have a good one :*D.

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I Have Social Phobia

Admitting It Is so much harder than I thought it would be. I have always thought I had it then denied it. But I can't look at my life and say I have typical reactions... I have to go to a secluded, partially water... [more]
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  • I Have Ptsd

    Well This Sucks. I mean.... the second I believe I'm happy I seem to get to relaxed and … [more]
  • I Love Italy

    Yeah... I just love this place... so much history and such good food... the people are so expressive... they drive tiny cars... and wear very nice shoes. Of coarse these are stereotypes but things made in Ita… [more]
  • I Am Athletic

    Not Competitive: Woman I love how i feel when I do sports its that simple. It feels good and when you win you know you've done a really good job and worked out in the correct ways to maximize your athletic ability.… [more]
  • School Confessions

    Bat **** Crazy
    Gotta love it when.... you do really well at school/ work and then it all goes to hell and you're in "emotional crisis"Gotta love it when.... you give your boy friend an ultimatum on how to make plansGotta love it when..... you know they're all watching youGotta love it when..... you devote hour of your time trying to converse with squirrels and pigeons in a way that will make sense to their unique intelligenceGotta love it when..... you get stuck in one of those super long parking lot lines where some nim-noh is "waiting" for a spot that you saw someone just park their car in new aysGotta love it when... you flick off a person in traffic and then immediately see a child looking at your hand… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I know you're far away from me
    and the time you even thought of me seriously was brief... but not a day does by that i don't think of you... the dusty old memory I treasure and have held until it is falling apart at the seams... I have memorized every curve of your face... the angles of the muscles in your shoulders...  how you stand... I wish we could return to the place where we first met... but its all dead and gone... things change so fast... you will never be mine... and the truth is I never want to see you again.. It would only remind me of the torturous hell that is unrequited love..... One time.... years ago... you liked me but I was too wild... Well I've settled down now... and you're already married... we are st… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Sometimes Life is just plain old MEAN.
    So, I was at LAX going home... and I see this guy boarding in line in front of me... We are waiting like 15 minutes in line.... I'm immediatley attracted to him... I don't understand why... He's very attractive... and that's nice... but something about him just really made me think about him... I was making a huge effort not to look at him... but he was also looking at me... We chose our own seating on the flight... He was in line ahead of me.... so the decision to sit next to him was... -all mine-... I've had the worst luck making the first move in the past... I let it get the better of me... he looked kinda immature... he was wearing these gaudy white designer shoes... I thought... There's… [more]