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I Am In Love With Two People

Theres No Greater Feeling Than Lying In The Arms Of The Two People You Love. Sucking his penis is an honor and a privilege. Going deep to the balls and drinking his non-slimey sweet after taste nectar. Then my hand touches his quivering stomach. Next comes my sweet sweet wife... [more]
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  • I Am In A Relationship With A Man And A Woman

    I Am So In Love With Them I love her and her husband. They broke me of all my inhibitions and they made me see that my body can go further and deeper into pleasure. I was taken for eight hours of torturous ecstasy. My mind s… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Yes why..would someone enjoy inflicting pain on someone? I read a personal story of a man who felt so good about watching the pain and discomfort of others. I was also told by another seasoned EP member that she has never seen this many people on EP out to get or hurt someone. She related how it was fun and playful here. We have been talking among ourselves about what that means for the future of EP. If the fun people are leaving and the angry attacks continue, maybe it will become an online fight site for miserable people. Maybe EP ought to start a second site for the angry, mean and miserable people called EP fight club and the fighters can all move there and beat each other bloody. I say … [more]
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    It's sprinkling outside but it's a beautiful day!
    I went into panic mode yesterday when my dad called informing me of his visit tomorrow until my girl got my messages while she was helping (whoever) and told me not to panic because they have the RTP protocol in place. I started laughing because she sounded like a spy. What in the world RTP protocol, I asked? She laughed jokingly and told me it stood for Respect The Parents protocol. If parents are coming in for a day, we just take them to hot spots in the area and say goodbye. If they are staying over night even if they have a hotel room, they are brought back to this apartment over her garage. I had no idea this place existed and when she came home she took me up to a damn sharp 2 bedroom … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    How do we complain?
    Is anyone else getting easter egg pictures that refuse to leave your whiteboard!!Bunny day is OVER!!!… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    To The Wanting Ones
     I am hers and she is mine and all of your requests need to stop. I don't want anyone more than her and him so stop asking me. I cannot answer all of those emails and I won't so know this, there is no one on earth that can replace her so the answer is NO! I know you want her more than you want me and you will never be in our bed. It was flattering being asked at first but the thrill is gone.… [more]