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I Don't Know What My Future Holds

Well i do so im not joining im just posting: They say history repeats its self and it is true it does, so what is in my future is me constantly (every now & agin) thinking of suicide) along with... [more]
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  • I Am So Sad and Lonely That It Is Killing Me

    Thoughts Ok so I was talking with one of my Xes & she was talking about her new BF so I didn't really know what to say so I said things like "I bet so" "yep" she had asked if I was ok I said yea but I'm not I … [more]
  • I Love My Girlfriend

    Im Scared Of Hurting Her I have had dreams wear i will be in a fight with her X and she tries to calm me down from behind and i will turn around and almost hit her i am so scared of this really happening… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

    She Asked Me Out 💘 July-29-2013 She had asked me what would i do if she asked me out (i have liked her for a long time bye now so i had said i would say yes and then asked her the same and she had said yes and the… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

    I Found Out She Feels The Same Ok this is my first time doing this so don't get upset is its not all that good but anyways half ways though my 7th grade year i had to move to kings mountain wear i would eventually would fall in liv… [more]