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I Miss Romance

Is Romance Dead? It seems like romance is no longer in the 21st century. Where did all the romance of poetry and men opening doors for women gone. I know that today's woman is independent and equal, but we are still... [more]
  • I Am Married But Lonely

    No Romance In Marriage There is no old fashion romance in the 21st century marriage lifestyle anymore. Its all about individuality between both people in the marriage. I am not trying to put down all marriages but from my e… [more]
  • I Garden

    I Like To Garden But Don't Like The Work I love to garden but my yard is horrible and I am thinking about hiring a professional to clear out the numerous of tree-like weeds in my yard. I love to plant flowers that are already bloomed be… [more]
  • I Work Out

    Work Out I remember when I was 10 years younger I was obsessed with working out. The older you your metabolism drops dramatically so I try to do do recreation that do not seem like I am exercising. Ever s… [more]
  • I Get Depressed

    Got A Headache Today was a dreadful day and I was actually starting it off quite well. I found out that the car maintenance/dealership had already fixed some thing on the car, however, the communication barri… [more]