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I Believe People Come Into Your Life For a Reason

I struggle sometimes to work out what that reason is though. I do try. Right now I do not know why my ex came into my life, I am not sure what the lesson was, I know we argued all the time and... [more]
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  • I Am Living With An Adult Child of An Alcoholic

    I Give Up I m an ACOA, and I give up. I think it is probably best if I stay out of intimate relationships altogether. I don t really understand them, I don t understand what hurts people and what … [more]
  • I Am the Child of An Alcoholic

    Relationships As an adult child of an alcoholic what are the main problems you have faced in your relationships? I think it is trust for me, that and believing that I do not deserve someone that treats… [more]
  • I Am the Child of An Alcoholic

    Confused I suppose my father was an alcoholic, I know he was in the end, was he always? I don t know. He always drank, would he have been different if he didn t? I don t know. He us… [more]
  • I Despise Manipulative People

    Yuck I have come across far too many manipulative people in my time. It isn t always easy to pick them out when you are close to them, the slow realisation can often be painful. They don t al… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

      Somehow I have just realised that my best friend is a *****, although I ve always know it!! How can that be!  I m done, out of my life.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

       I don t trust my own decisions, I feel like I don t always know what it best for me, I am stubborn, and easily scared. When I was a child I was given a decision to make, or pretended to be given a decision to make, I was manipulated by adults.I agreed to something, it made them happy.  Later on I changed my mind I didn t want to do it, no matter of crying, begging or pleading made a difference.  The choice had been made.I was so unhappy for a while, then I was happy.  There choice had been right, I had been wrong.  Never really trusted myself since, I was ten back than.  I am in my 30's now.  I never know what is right for me, I always do what makes others happy.I always feel conflicted a… [more]