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I This Is To My Ep Sister

Throwbacksss- She is really cool. She is a very positive person. She is a great person to go an talk to an she's very chilled. I feel bad that her bf hasn't been talking to her lately but I know he... [more]
  • I Never Give Up

    Yes! Yes I never give up! Yeah life gives you lemons but you can squeeze them and make lemonade. Yeah there were times I wanted to give up for good but with a little help I got back up. If you guys have pr… [more]
  • I '20 Facts About Me'

    1.I am a country boy and a party boy as well 2.I am a hard worker 3.I can be a friend brother or whatever as you need :-) 4.I love country and rap 5.I want to be a cop teacher… [more]
  • I Am Writing This For You

    To my best friend Jasmine :DD. Jasmine your cool and just like me :-). Your a sweetheart and stay that way :-). I wish we lived closer so we can hang out. She makes me smile and I miss her a lot. Ther… [more]
  • I Want to Share My Bucket List

    Here's my bucket list 1. Meet someone from this site 2. Party and live while I am young 3. Make someone a country party and daring person as me 4. Save the children and anima… [more]