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I love to travel. Very neutral.

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I Have a Confession

It's Christmas but i have no where and no one to spend it with. This is the saddest holiday i've ever had. Merry Christmas to y'all [more]
  • I Miss My Dog

    I Lost My Dog A couple of months ago, i adopted a dog from an acquintance friend. She loved the dog so much but was forced without any choice to give the dog away bec they're moving out from the city. and she … [more]
  • I Have A Best Friend Of The Opposite Gender

    She's Already There Before My Girl.. I have a 2nd degree cousin that is very close to me. She's actually my best friend. Our friendship started back in grade school when she invited me to attend to her birthday party. We officially becam… [more]
  • I Like Eating Pizza

    I Just Love It If there is one thing i would like to eat right now, it would be pizza. I grew up in a country where pizza is not part of our daily meals. We only eat pizza when there's a special occasion like some s… [more]
  • I Need Change In My Life

    A Life To Change I'm desperate, i need changes in my life before i forget how to live. I am a professional and currently working abroad, away from my family, friends and loved ones. It's been almost 3 yrs since the t… [more]