Generally speaking I'm a pretty upbeat person. I'll try to explain why I am here when I find the appropriate place

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I Family

She Is Not My Daughter (originally Posted As A Confession, But Maybe It Belongs Here Instead) I blame this entire event on the internet, here is the story (long version) I am divorced because my spouse decided that they not only didn't want children, but actually didn't even like... [more]
  • I Have Been Single For Way Too Long

    Think I Might Be Miserable? Think Again lets see... I've been single for..2 plus decades! Yikes! you say? perhaps. Over that time I've discovered that I really am a very good person (now) and I just don't need anyone to "validate" … [more]
  • I Think Being a Parent Is the Most Difficult Job

    Balancing Act Its a delicate balancing act for sure. Trusting and believing in your teenage daughter and being concerned for her safety and well-being. I don't "worry" pre-se, but having been a teenag… [more]
  • I Love My Daughter With All My Heart

    Fathers Day, My Very First One. & I Had A Tiff With My Daughter Soon it will be Fathers day, My very first one. My daughter is not an infant, rather she is almost 20. The other day we had what you might call a falling out. I never yell (I would if there was … [more]
  • I Family

    Trapped!!! HA! you're trapped aren't you? Not only do you care about me worse yet, you actually love me! and the VERY worst part... yea, you know it too... THERE ISN"T A DARN THING YOU… [more]