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I'm Amber rayann :)
I'm lesbian , I enjoy reading favorite type of book would need to be something that deals with fantasy & vampres wear wolfs ect. I love animals I'm hoping to become a Marine biologist I love sea life my favorite creature is a sea loin :)
I love nature , I believe in love I'm a self-harmer trying to recover I love doing make-up and hair . I'm native American and try showing my heritage . I'm in a relationship I'm a very open person and love meeting new people

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I Cut Myself to Stop the Pain

Remember Sooo I don't even remember when I started cutting well I do 6th grade I'm in 10th .. It has been five years :P Last year was when I knew I had an addiction ... I tried stopping but i always... [more]
  • I Am Attracted To Girls

    All Girls Are Beautiful There is so many things I love about woman <3 The most important is ..... PERSONALITY!!!!! That's all I look for is a girl down to earth and understands me completely , that one girl … [more]
  • I Hate Fake People

    Fake I hate it when I see people post statues about how high they are -_____- like really? If you were so beyond high you would not even be able to post a statues or at least don't give two ***** to take t… [more]
  • I Have Some Bad Childhood Memories

    Time To Time Time to time I have wondered ... What if I had never left ... Or if my father would have never taken me from what I use to call " home" . I wonder and wonder till wondering becomes const… [more]
  • I Fell In Love

    She Mended My Heart <3 She is my soul , my pride and joy my everything and more My heart beats so beautifully for her .... I never knew I could fall for a girl and hard as I have for her . Maybe it's the way sh… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    How could you?
    I remember seeing you around school ... You looked so ... Sweet .. You looked like the type of person I could befriend . I saw you on the steps everyday waiting for your friends .. As I walked to second period theater , mrs.smith . I remember we met eyes a few times I would smile .. then look at the floor . Months past and I saw you on Facebook so I added you ... You messaged me and we became friends you even gave me your number .. I text you the next day .. We text all day and when I didn't respond you would keep texting me ... We laughed and everything . Days went by I opened up to you I told you I trust you ... Then today happened... Second period ... Mrs. Smith theater :/ I received a … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I broke our promise :/
    I should not lie to her .... I know she loves me , I know she cares .... Today I got to see my girlfriend everything went well till my cloth around my wrist came undone and I hade to tie it back together . She asked me * what are you hiding * I said nothing she told me to let her see my wrist I said no and got mad .. She said * I just want to make sure your all right I really care about you we made a promise are you cutting ? * I told her no .... Truth is I slipped a week ago .... I broke the promise so I'm scared .... For her to find out ... So I took the cloth off when I got home next week the cuts will be scars and she won't be able to tell the difference but I will always know.... I … [more]
  • Other Confessions

    The first cut
    As I picked up those scissors and made fast scratches on myself .... I promised never again , that this incident will never happen again . I told myself * your not a cutter!!! * your stronger then that * ... That was 6 years ago .. I'm not that strong person I once thought I was no matter how bad it gets . What would my life be like if I would have never made that first cut? It's hard to imagine .. I try sometimes but the pictures in my head are to perfect to keep thinking about . I'm addicted to self-harm I've been hiding most but some scars can't be hidden and people will ask what happened ? I'll respond with * my cat , I fell, a bush , I was in a hurry ect. I have discovered people arnt t… [more]