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I Love Limericks and Haiku

There Once Was A Girl There once was a girl with a nose as big as a fire hose when she hipped and hopped her nostrils popped and now she has no toes!!! [more]
  • I Write Poetry That Doesn't Rhyme

    Life, Death, Love ,hate Breathing, Hearing, Feeling, Tasting Living We all do it We all love or hate it Sometimes we fear it Breathless, Hearless, Feelless, Tasteless Dieing A… [more]
  • I Write Down My Thoughts

    Thoughts Upturned The feeling of wanting to write about something is bugging me, therefore I sit here writing in wait of something. What is it? Hell if I should know. To many thoughts wind around like the vines with in… [more]
  • I Embrace Life

    Maze With in the mind, is a maze. A maze that twists and turns, confuses and demeans all those who stand before it so much, that its a defense, a shield. Even ones self have trouble facing what their own c… [more]
  • I Like Wise Quotes

    Simple Its your life, so take responsibility for it. Don't say that your life sucks and its not your fault. If it sucks, do something about it, and don't give up. … [more]