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I Think Everyone Deserves To Be Loved

Hurting Times Well, yesturday i was at my best friends home .. Her boy friend was there too .. When i came in to her room, they were on bed kissing tears came to my eyes .. Cause my bf is far away .. I sit on... [more]
  • I Have An Extremely Jealous Boyfriend

    He Is So Loving But Jealous My boy friend is really jealous of annyone and annything even o ofmy phone .. If i go out with friends he crys and wants me to text him Every sek .. But when i take timefor himhis so loving and … [more]
  • I Would Rather Be Myself And Disliked Than Fake And Adored

    My Bf Ruins My Dreams Well i am done with school this year and my mum has some friebds in usa that i will go to for a year .. But now my problem is that my boy friend is kinda mad at it i told him my plans today .. He said… [more]