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Lymphical's Super Adventure NOTICE: the entire story is just way to long. 18,000 words, man! Here is the story: ANy suggestions? (Notice, I am only a "child" who is under 18, so don't be too harsh on... [more]
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    I survived lung disease
    It was horrible. I didn't know I had it until I had a doctor's check up. I had a high fever for days, and no one even noticed! I just thought I hadn't had enough sleep and was dizzy because of that. It was deadly, that lung disease. Water filled up my lungs, and luckily the doctors saved  my in time.… [more]
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    My story
    Well, first of all, I really like writing fiction. DO you? Well then, here is my website: as I rarely get to tell anyone of this website, it is like a secret. So, how is my story? Any suggestions?… [more]