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Master: A real-life life-time Master, looking for The One woman. Loving, Nice, protective, stern, and strict. (Alphabetic)

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Favorite Quote "Love without power is sentimental, power without love is abusive."---Martin Luther King, Jr.
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I Want to Own a Domestic Slave

What She Means To Me I want to Own a domestic slave? More like need. slave without a Master, Master without a slave: Each is incomplete. Each has an empty hole in His/her feelings, where the other belongs. [more]
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  • I Can Tell You How To Get The Most Of A Collared Slave

    Getting The Most From Your Collared Slave: To get the most from Your slave, You need give it basically, three things: 1. The whip2. Some loving3. Appreciation.  Far more appreciation than whip and love, put together.… [more]
  • I Enjoy Whipping My Slave

    Why I Whip My Slave Note:  My slave has agreed to this.  This has yet to happen, as it is not yet with Me.  … [more]
  • I Want Somebody to Collar Me

    How Do I Earn A Master's Collar? How do i earn a Master's collar? One earns the wearing of a Master's collar by serving Him. This sounds simple, and in the beginning, it really is simple! The entire… [more]
  • I Love Whipping Others

    I Do Love Whipping Other People... I Love whipping others, Intro story This morning, I came across an experience titled, "I Love Being Whipped". groups/Love-Being-Whipped/224165 EP Link I cannot join that group,… [more]