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Love to chat. Love to meet new people. As long as you've got a heartbeat and an open mind, I'm sure we'll get along.

"...He spoke to people with lordly contempt and with his nose in the air, and he harangued so loudly and unsparingly, assuming so imposing an attitude, and affecting such an arrogant bearing that everyone who saluted him wanted to hit him.” - Voltaire

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I Like Creative Writing

Sobriety                   He returned home from a morning of grocery shopping; only the orange juice and beer were left to be put away. It had only been four months... [more]
AaaaaaRGH has shared 13 Mature Experiences
  • I Got Pantsed

    Barbecue Pantsing Each year, I have a Summer barbecue at my house.  Initially, the invitations were only mailed to family - an excuse for all of us to get together like we did when I was a kid.  Slowly, … [more]
  • I Would Like to Live Off the Grid

    The Telephone Pole Fence Years ago, my attorney once admitted to me he dreamed of buying a mountain someplace where he could live off the grid.  An avid gun owner, he also wanted to protect that mountain with gun tu… [more]
  • I Am Fascinated By Human Behavior

    Birthday Shopping This past weekend was my birthday, so I decided to treat myself to a quart of Ben and Jerry's.  Off I went off to BJ's, the warehouse store, to get myself this treat.  Thinking I'd only be b… [more]
  • I Remember My Most Embarrassing Moment

    Mother, Can You Toss Me A Towel? Not sure if it's my most embarrassing, but getting caught ************ by my mother has got to rank up there.  Guess I really should have lived at the dorms instead of at home.  Either that … [more]