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Hey everybody I'm aaron im a fun person nice to mostly everybody kinda quiet at timed but always with a smile I'm from San Diego Cali

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I Am a Victim of Domestic Violence

My Abussive Boyfriend I first met brad about 2 years ago through friends ,he knew that I was gay but I had no clue he was bisexual ... He looked so straight when I first seen him I would have never Tought he was bisexual... [more]
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    I love being a bottom
    i love being a bottom to those who know what this is u know what I mean bad thing is thats it's NOT always a good feeling sometimes it can b very uncomfortable but other then that it's cool… [more]
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    Today I got told that I was ...
    a pervert , sick ,dirty , disgusting animal by A GUY THAT I've known for years all of this followed by gay insult terms I didn't say anything cause i didnt wana make things more fun for him he said I wasn't a real man that I didn't deserve to be a man to him I wasn't even a human he said he was a real man funny thing was that he did this tru instant messenger !!! After I loged off he messaged me on fb and suprisingly also text me all of this !!! if he considers himself a REAL MAN why didn't he have the courage to do this in person ??? Some real MAN he Is lol o yea HE also said for me never to get near him or talk to him but funny thing is HES THE ONE THAT SENDS ME MESSAGES ON FB , calls me ,… [more]
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    I just discovered something not so nice
    I'm not racist but I realized that many African Americans have hate towards certain people for example a few days ago this black lady came to the coffe shop n saw that I was getting ready to make her drink my co worker who happens to be black and me white was almost off and the lady says " Oo ur not Gona make my drink " ? My friennd replies no I'm off the lady sAys cAn you make it ? I prefer if you do then looks at me with the most strangest hateful look I was kinda surprised but that was when I realized that people who r discriminated against can Also be discriminatory towards others !… [more]
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    I miss my x so much
    I miss my x so much :-( even though he treated me worst then he's enemy I still like him n idk what to do he still texts me n we talk but that's all and even though we are not together anymore he still acts controlling an aggressive at times that's when I remember why I'm not with him anymore… [more]