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Well. I already have an EP account. But it showed my age as 30ish and I'm no where near that age, for I am only 18.
So Im from Texas and I play a trumpet in high school. I love to meet new people so let's talk!!
And if you are over the age of 30 I wont add you, if you are nice and so on I'll add you. But I'm wanting to add people my own age and close to it =) thank you!! I'm also a 5 year skin cancer survivor, and I'm proud to show off my scar. I'm also a christain now, I now am not afraid to show it. I believe in God and I love him. There were things in my life that has pulled me away from him but there were things that happened that brought me back even closer to him. I accept all sexuality and other religions too, Im very open to anything =) Im typically bored and lonely but aye thats what frinds are for!! I like to talk to people, and get to know them. So message me =) and if you want my number also message me and ask me for it, im not into sexting okay so please non of that. I'll message back if you want to know more about me!! =)
I also only get on EP on weekdays when Im at school =/ sorry. Im willing to give you my number IF you ask nicely and IF your close to my age.... sorry 50 year old guys...... its just weird to text someone OLDER than my parents..... sorry. But I would love to meet more people!!!!

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