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I am a happy person, In a happy place, not looking for anyone. I am here for fun, reading, writing and enjoyingmy good friends. If you want to be my friend read a story or my blog, I f you can't answer some basic questins about me., then Iwill not add you.
No skype, no yahoo,Here or not at all.

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I Love Animals, Especially Dogs

Dog Are Special Creatures! I live in a rural area outside of a fairly large city. Our little village is home to mostly elderly men and woman, and their family's. During the spring time we often get hit with a large... [more]
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  • I Love To Watch Lesbian Porn Alot Any Bi Or Les Wanna Chat

    The New Girl At Work!! First, I have three different jobs. So if your a friend, yes, i did not mention this job, till now! I work part time as a receptionist at a local Law firm. I am the new girl, I don't get a… [more]
  • I Have Experienced True Love

    My First Date With My Husband When we fist met, he caught my attention like no man ever had!He was tall, Strong and kinda shy!   My girls friends and I were in trouble and he "rescued us".Some young men had cornered u… [more]
  • I Want Loralei1016 To Cook For Me In Her Apron And Heels

    Loralei!! Well I can't say this about too many woman!  Here or else where!  But hell yeah, she can do what ever she wants with me!  yummm! … [more]
  • I Have Experienced True Love

    A Beautiful Love Lost! As Feb. approaches I shiver with fear, dread and anxiety at the deepest levels.For those that Know me, it was one year ago, that the only man I will ever love left this earth for heaven.I … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Holidays Are Hard On Me!
    I am so glad summer is over, Labor day is about done, and no more Holidays till November.I have been struggling with my emotions since my Husband was killed in Feb of this year.I used to love holidays, a time to run off and play. Now I sit and wonder why?  I cry, I scream...mostly I just sit and wonder will I ever make it through this! Memorial Day. 4th of July, and now Labor Day...They all remind me of Jim...his smiling face, his sweet kisses and the way he just made me feel so loved. We always did something for the Holidays...the beach, camping, hiking, but He loved it, so I did too! This weekend my sweet little brother knew I was home alone, and invited me to his plac… [more]
  • A new Life!

    Posted on: July 9th, 2011 at 12:04AM

    I am here on EP wondering what brought me, why do I put up with the rude and obnoxious?Well I came hear to heal, to grow as a person and to learn from others! Sort of the "life" magazine of the internet!Real people real problems, fake people, but then they are still real. Right?I came her after my husband of 12 years passed away.  I was in shock! This was not something I thought would ever happen to me.  That is something that happens to others.Well I am getting over the pain. I am meeting interesting people. I am ignoring the crass and rude.  Just because I can! This is my private fantasy world and I make the rules.!  If i decide I don't want to know you, accept it, don't get mad. There are… [more]