Female , 16-17

I'm a girl and butterflys scare me, i hate my father , love cats ,i'm not too pretty but that's fine :)

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I Have Been Called A Weirdo

You're Weird, Go Away! A lot of people think i'm weird and they told me to go away i was on a chat room and when someone ask me where re you from? i told him (space) and, he told me to go to hell! i was kidding... [more]
  • I Smoked Weed

    High i think it's normal to Smoke weed. my first time i smoked weed i was like 12years and i still well that's all :) … [more]
  • I Am Looking For My Soulmate

    I Really Wanna Fall In Love I need someone can understand me , someone care about meand i don't mind if she was a girl , i need love… [more]
  • I Need Friends That Understand Me

    Why? When i think that ,finally i find the true friend!Decides to stab me on the back! why they do that???why!… [more]
  • I Wish

    Bad Life Hi , i'm a ...girl :/I just wanna say something , i wish i can be free like people and have a lifeand friends ,true friends… [more]