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I Want To Know What You Wore When You Crossdressed Last

December 26th I wore,...yellow and black zebra striped lace full bikini panties with a yellow and teal lace size 36b bra, with a thirst that had the English flag on it and a thing but long pale pink skirt. I wore... [more]
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  • I Go Out Crossdressed

    Today Im going to crossdress today--all day, with my boobs and skirt and panties and bra and top and wig,.....itl be fun--i think ill wear realy something sexy underneath, maybe a nice sating an lace black … [more]
  • I Like Having Sex With Strangers

    I Admit I havnt done it yet, i realy want too! i think it would be a totla turn on to beable to just speek with just eyes, have the same moment of tension and heart pounding excitement, walk in somewhere noby… [more]
  • I Would Like To See What's In Your Panties Drawer

    Trade? ill be a panty pen pale!--ill start the first pair if some one likes?--or you can be, i dont mind… [more]
  • I Love Crossdressing

    Now And Forever I love it, im sure we all do--and have so much to say about it and so much to show about it--there just too much to tell, but what i like is how close you can gte to feel like women or a girl, to let … [more]