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Suppose to wake up in 4 hours to paint my Dad's Motorcycle. Why can't I sleep?!
feeling amused
About I am a student in sequential art, I am going to be a comic book artist/ sc<x>ripter. Though I am currently a concept artist for a small gaming company. <br /><br /> I like a lot of things that is probably way to much to write down, the biggest thing is music and drawing (comic collecting too) I am currently learning chinese and learning how to play the guitar (would probably help if I had a teacher.<br /><br /> I am a free thinker, rather stubborn and not very social.<br /><br /> I would love to go out and meet people but I cant get my foot out the door.
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  • a little Jamaican
  • and a little Italian
Vices Narrow Minds
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Virgo
Special day 8-29
Books Catcher In The Rye
Music Jpop, Rock, ummm anything Bobmarly, JimmyH, Nightwish, Miyavi, Anti Cafe, MJ,uhh Emily Autum, 2NE1
Movies Nightmare Before Christmas
Local Time August 2nd, 11:49 PM
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