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I am a sweet person. That likes to enjoy everyday. I am a great person to get to know. I have been threw a lot in my life. So I am not the type to feel sorry for some one. That hates whats going on in their life. When we all have something to live for.

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  • a little Welsh
  • and a little Native American
  • and a little Danish
  • and a little German
  • and a little French
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I Hate Seeing Shootings Happen At Schools

I Remember The One In Colorado I was just a seventh grader when the school shooting in Colorado happened. I still remember that school shooting. My jr high school almost had a school shooting of its own. If it wasn't for someone... [more]
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  • I Love Going Barefoot

    Hate Shoes I just hate to wear shoes. Its something that I have always hated to wear. When I get home. Off will go the shoes. I like to go barefoot. I have always been this way. It drives my mom nuts. That I won… [more]
  • I Have Marfan Syndrome

    My Life With It All my life I knew that I was not normal at all. I could never play sports at all. I also couldn't dance any more. That is one thing that I was never good at all. So not having to dance never bothered… [more]
  • I Love Nature

    A Nature Girl I am a girl that just loves Nature. I love to be able to be out side. In the fresh air. I love the smell that is in the air at times. It can smell so nice. I also love the sounds that I hear at times.… [more]
  • I Enjoy Helping Others

    Giving A Helping Hand I have always liked to give a helping hand to people. That is the kind of person that I am. I will always like to help people. Even when they don't need any help at all. … [more]