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I Am Looking Foward to Retirement

I Am Almost Ready, Socially Within the next 5 years I too will be retiring, 41 years of government service. All this time of working I notice early on that all activities would stop, including co-worker friends, so my goal has... [more]
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  • I Do Not Fear Aging

    Old, To Late To Change I found the following joke so true, I want to share it with EP I confied to my husband on the eve of our 50th anniversary, that I was having an affair. He turned to me and asked....… [more]
  • I Play Poker

    Why Play Poker I really had to think about why I spend so much time playing poker at the casino, and practising online for fun. What I figure is that I want to kill time between business meetings, friends,chur… [more]
  • I Play Poker

    Texas Holdem, All In Or Not? I figure in order to play a tournament, you should never go all in, unless you sense the best of the best hand. The objective is to get to the final table, right?… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Now it is my turn to say I am sorry to my gf. I had so much anger and hurt last night (Friday).I  saw her hugging and kissing a guy in front of everyone. actually it felt good to tell her "don't call me know me, we have nothing in common and left the party. Yea, I was a little drunk but it felt good. I just left a message on her cell phone saying I am sorry. One of the reason is because I have no other friend and will lose the only out side connection I have with common friends and social events. If she accept my sorry oh well and if not oh well so much for that.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Won a poker tourny online
    I am so excited to have played Texas Hold'em online this past Sunday, to win $350 on a $5 satellite, how exciting it was to play against 1,200 people and last till 7th place. Well, last night I played two $10 satellites for a chance to the main event of $50,000, rats, I lost both games. Oh well, tonight is my last chance to get in the tournament. Wish me luck.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    EP over rated
    I think EP is over rating themselves by showing 6 million experiences to date. What they do not say is that the experiences are over 5 years old, and many of the people are no longer posting.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Feel like I am being used
    Should I join the business with my X-girlfriend, it does make a little money each month, or should I step aside. My ex-GF of a year now is getting her life together and has a positive future socially, friends and self-employed business. She has offered me to join her new pyramid team, to promote staring my own business of soliciting people to join her business. The problem is that I believe we should not mix business with pleasures and that is what is going on. Yea, we get together and kiss/hug a bit, like we miss each other, but I have notice/feeling the intimacy of the pass ten years is gone.… [more]