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I am a fun-loving, people person.

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I Drink a Lot of Coffee

I Love The Smell Of Coffee Growing up, I can remember my mom and grandma making coffee in the morning. I LOVED how it smelled but they would never let me taste it. I snook a sip once and hated it. But as I got older I learned... [more]
  • I Love Holiday Leftovers

    The Flavor Bust!!! Every since I can remember, I've loved holday leftovers. I always take the turkey from Thankgiving and make sandwiches with Miracle Whip and cheese.....OMG I want some right now. Everything taste bett… [more]
  • I Wish I Could Eat Whatever I Want And Not Gain Any Weight

    I Don't Feel Like A Spammer!!!! I asked a question the other day and someone said that they thought I was a SPAMMER. When I┬áhear of spam, I think of someone or some computer program that is set in place to trick people into spendin… [more]