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I Am Native American

Father Didn't Lie As a kid growing up our dad always told us that our ancestor was an Indian chief, we all just thought that he was just talking. But after he passed I did some research on my dad's side of the family... [more]
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    If apes could talk
    Back in the 80's I worked at Griffith Park part time and after my 4 hrs. I'd go over to the park zoo is see an old high school buddy and just like when we were kids when we'd get together eventually we'd come up with some sort of devilment. His job was taking care of the apes gorillas, chimps and orangutans, he feed them, made sure they had water and washed down their living areas. The chimps never ceased to amuse me their antics were hilarious to me and I got a kick out of them when they got excited. I love Mexican food and at my favorite spot they made several types of salsas in varying degrees of hotness, the hottest was like a novelty for the owner would put it under lock and key and wou… [more]