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  • Other Confessions

    I had a dream
            It was about achieving something in life.  It was about making a difference, about developing ideas and make the most out of them; it was about not wasting the air around me. The dream said I was supposed to explore every corner of this world, to direct movies, to write songs, to fill my head with knowledge, to inspire and help people. It didn't say anything about having to pay 20k to the bank.I mean, how am I supposed to make that kind of money? It's not like I could develop a super-skill and become a surgeon or an astronomer at 26 years of age. It's too late to prepare for that.        Imagine the interview:"Yes, my previous experience consists in smashing a frog with a brick at th… [more]
  • Work Confessions

    I hate introductions
    They're clumsy and often boring and they always seem a bit forced to me.I, for one, was not necessarily remarkable for making the best introduction. Not that long ago I had a huge meeting at the office. The managers had convoked all employees to a large conference room so they could talk to us about ''something important''. No one knew the topic. Ten-fifteen minutes into the meeting and they were still talking about how blessed we were with the continental climate. It began to annoy me so I popped right off my chair and asked if we could change the topic to: "What's causing the employees to leave the company like bottles of soda on a conveyor belt?" I went on like this for minutes, squirting… [more]