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About Hi! My name is Aeluna, I'm a 13 year old female therian. How to find your therian animal and / or appearance first, make sure you are relaxed. if you are not, try some meditation or relaxing physical exercise, such as yoga. go to a quiet spot, where you will not be disturbed and get into a position which you can stay in comfortably for a while. if you can get some relaxing sounds, such as waves crashing onto the beach, play them; it will help. close your eyes. imagine you are in a place where you feel at home. it could be the woods, the jungle, even your own human home. 'walk' through the imaginary place, careful not to look at yourself but instead from your point of view, and note things you see and hear. what time of year is it? i'm not sure if this has any actual 'resemblance' to your wolf or what not, but it sets the scene at least and helps you to get into the picture more. after a while, you should reach a clearing, or a place which is different in some way. for me, it was a lake with an outcrop behind it. here, your animal should show itself. if you see an animal, 'greet it' in your mind and ask it if it is, indeed, your therian animal. if it says no, retrace your steps back to where you started and then open your eyes. Now, try again if you want, or delay it for another time. however, if it is your animal, then you are looking directly at yourself, in your animal form. take note of things:- what colour / pattern coat does it have? what colour eyes does it have? what gender is it (yes, your animal can be a different gender to your human self, but it is quite rare)? ask it questions too:- how old is it, what is its favourite food, anything you want. although it is not necessary, ask its spiritual name, too. when you have sufficient information, thank it and walk away. if, at this stage, you have to leave quickly, do not abruptly open your eyes, thus ending the spirit walk, but instead, leave your animal and get a distance away, run in your mind if you must.
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