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I Cried To A Song

Till The Sky Falls Down The song is Till The Sky Falls Down by Dash Berlin. It made me think of my ex. I used to cry everytime I heard this song. Sometimes I still do. But not as much as before. It just makes me feel a bit... [more]
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  • I Hate Being Ignored

    Just Annoyed Really. For most people, when someone says they'll always be there for you, thats a lie. I have 3 close friends and only one has proved to me that, she WILL always be there for me. And she is.… [more]
  • I Do Not Feel Confortable With People Using My Computer

    Diaries It's not that I have anything to hide, its just that my laptop is where I keep all of my venting diaries. And I do not want anyone using my laptop long enough to go snooping through my things, reading… [more]
  • I Am Not Myself When Im Mad

    Ticking Time Bomb. I'm like a ticking time bomb. I can only take so much **** from someone untill I finally decide to blow up. Its pretty rare when I'm in full ***** mode. A lot of people think they know how I am when I… [more]
  • I Am Reminded of Death When On Airplanes

    But Never Afraid I always end up thinking about the scene from Final Destination. I never really take it seriously, unless the plane is moving around too much, but usually I laugh the nerves off.. We're all gonna die … [more]