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A normal everyday guy, with some interesting quirks if you get to know me. I love to read and learn. I'm a very inquisitive guy.

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I Think Nobody Likes Me

Pieces Of Me I'm pretty sure there are some people who like me, but I'm afraid they like a "version" of me. I only ever show a few different versions of me to different people. Mostly the happy go-lucky guy, with... [more]
  • I Have No Friends

    There's Nothing Wrong; Nothing Right Either It was a cold september morning. Rain was dripping down. A man sat at his table. Crying.I wish I could make this story as interesting as I want it to be, it isn't. Like so many other peopl… [more]
  • I Attempted Suicide

    The Thought A while back, about 2-3 years ago I made a half-assed attempt at suicide. It wasn't thought out, more like spur of the moment.Not that I did not want to commit suicide. I did. My problem… [more]
  • I Am a Lone Wolf

    The Issue Lone wolf; I like the sound of it. It sounds very dramatic and cool. Here's where I have the problem with it: lots of people say they're lone wolves. That's fine in and of itself, but mo… [more]
  • I Have No Friends

    The Wall Sometimes I wonder why I try. Then I feel the hollow space in my heart and feel that it's the least I could do. Try to chase these mythical beings known as 'friends'. I'd like to say I u… [more]
  • The life of Pirate Jack

    Posted on: March 24th, 2012 at 10:25AM

    Sadly, the life of Pirate Jack has ended. One day I came home to find him dead in his cage. I've lost a lot of dear friends these last 5 months. Jack was one of them. I hope I made his life slightly better. I know he made mine better. … [more]


  • Pirate Jack, a timid story

    Posted on: May 18th, 2011 at 1:39PM

    I have a bird. It's a cockatiel and you can guess what his name is. Indeed, Jack. Now to me it's obvious why I chose Jack as a name. He's a cockatiel, that means he's half a parrot or part of the parrot family, I'm not sure anymore. Still, why are parrots famous? Pirates. All good pirates have a parrot. When I thought of pirates, my mind stuck on the only pirate I know: Jack Sparrow. I was gonna name him sparrow, but the bird seemed to like Jack better, so I stuck with it.He was scared of me at first, which I completely understand. He lived in a pet shop nearby before I got him, but I have the feeling they weren't so gentle with him. He's afraid of everything. I tried to train him on several… [more]