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Yes, It's me. In case you don't know, I'm a porn star. I did take a break from it for life issues, and to get through school. I'll let everyone know when I start again. I don't like answering questions about it, or anything else, for that matter, lol. I'm not gonna meet a fan, so please don't ask. Please don't ask for me to send pix, or chat, or get to know you because I'm not here for that. I say that, but people tend not to get it, and get close anyway. I'm sure you're great, but... I MEAN IT! I'm not here to for that. I'm pretty good on the new friend, and, or dating thing. I don't try do hook up with, or date people. I don't chat, dirty talk, or send naughty pics of myself. I usually air on the side of all things fair, polite, and kind. If you're okay with all of that, we should be fine, lol Now on to more important things=)

I'm a mommy. That's the thing I like most about me. My child he has never been a burden to me. I am blessed to have her. She is the best gift I've ever gotten. She is my biggest earthly love, and the center of my world. I feel uncomfortable talking about her to people I don't know. Please don't ask about her or mention her even with kindness in your heart. The reality is that I don't know you, and it's puts me in an automatic gaurd zone.

I'm fair, I have a kind heart, and a good spirit. While not one of his best children, I am a child of God. Yes, sexy chicks have religion too:P ..

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I Had A Dream

I walked into my bedroom, and there she was. My mom. She was sitting on the edge of the side of my bed. One leg down. The toes of that foot touching the floor. My room was dark with only the... [more]
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    Posted on: August 20th, 2012 at 4:52PM

    I'm posting this because, every blue moon someone is disappointed about my not being very engaging when responding in my inbox. It's not many people, but it is more than just this person. Again... I mean it, lol! I'm pretty clear about it. I don't know why it's a big shock. In response to an upset non fan: Secondly, Sir Richard Thelwell, I don't know why people think saying they aren't fans changes ANYTHING. You think you're somehow better than a fan? My heart and appreciation goes mainly, but not solely, to my fans. This page is dedicated mainly, but not solely to my fans. So... FYI... saying you're not a fan doesn't help you much. ... You are among only a hand full of men that don't get i… [more]