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I Want People to Share Their Poetry

Night I livein the quarters of the worldwithout light nor lifeAnxious to liveI walk in the streetsfeeling my wayLeaning into my shapeless dreams [more]
  • I Want People To Share Their Poetrymake

    The Gate Of No Return The Gate Of No ReturnI am twisting a knife in And around a hardly healed woundThe Gates Of No  Return Millions of my forefathers passedThrough and until  today  rema… [more]
  • I Want World Peace

    Why Africa Why Africa?I do come from a continent of 700million people and of several trillions of dollars of untapped resources.The untapped resources of DR Congo  alone is estimated of about 24trillion d… [more]
  • I Like Creative Writing

    Why The Spider Live In Ceiling, Part 2 The heat and hotness of the rice and beans in his hat began to scald his head and that made him sweat profusely. He needs to do something before his disgraces himself. He theref… [more]
  • I Like Creative Writing

    why the spider live in old ceilings I guess you know not why the spider lives in old ceilings and in cornerss of your house. Now lets roll,    Once upon a time, spider who behave liked the hen who stood on leg for a … [more]