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I Wish For My Long Hair To Be Cut Really Short

Dont Do It Unless Your Giving It To Locks Of Love my hair is super long and I had 4 inches cut off I was in misery for days... I cried... cutting long beautiful hair has to be a crying mess afterwards. usually when I get in the car I cry... [more]
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  • I Always Get Used By Others

    Everyone Uses Me This is a long story, As of the last 4 years I've met a great guy we live together and he has a son and a ex wife. She and I get a long there was a falling out between us when someone else came in the… [more]
  • I Have Long Hair

    My Hair around 10 years ago I decied to grow my hair out long. At this time I was trying to find myself. I dabbled in wicca and other spirtual paths and all said that your hair is your strength so I decided¬†… [more]
  • I Hate My Husbands Ex

    I Never Listen... My mamaw always told me the right thing to do but I never listened. My life would be a lot better and very different. But I never listen.... Just like now...So I met my wonderful boy… [more]
  • I Have Big Insecurities and Jelousy That I Struggle to Control

    I'm Jelous I've been jelous most of my life in relationships and towards women who I think look better than I do... I wrote a long blog about a¬†minute ago...… [more]
  • unappreciated

    Posted on: October 23rd, 2012 at 3:44PM

    I feel so unappreciated sometimes... I feel the ex wife says thank you but doesnt mean it... So when she says thank you I dont write back and say your welcome because she doesnt mean what she says... It really drives her crazy because she write back all these thank yous and I dont respond...I do everything for her and our son and I just feel like I'm not appreciated at all... Last week I wanted him at 5 to have a movie night... Wll that day she wanted me to get him at 3 and I was busy cleaning up the house he hates the vacuum cleaner so its hard to clean with him here. Bcause I didnt get him when she wanted me too she wouldnt let him stay till 7:30... I ended up begging like a dog... I wrote… [more]


  • Jelousy

    Posted on: October 3rd, 2012 at 9:51PM

    I swear I have got to be the most jelous woman ever... Why am I this way? I've never had a significant other who has been married before or has a child. I have a son also but hes much older 17. my bf his son is 8. His ex wife is around of course and I do like her but she makes me be very jelous hearted... I feel less than she is. I feel I have to look better than her. She gained weight when she stopped smoking and I was so elated. I pulled her out some of my bigger pants and just knowing she was bigger than me made me so happy...So she sends me this little card about the hcg diet and she started losing weight so I had to lose too just to look good since she was starting. I was like in compat… [more]