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I Have a Confession

im kinda scared i might be pregnant :( i hope its just stress [more]
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  • I Like Salad Fingers

    I Like It When The Red Water Comes Out its just amazingly creepy and i love it. i love the feeling you get when you first watch it where you dont know how to feel and then you end up loving it, the episodes are always surprising and i make… [more]
  • I Feel Naked When I Go Braless

    I Dont Know How People Do It i see women out in the street braless and i tried it once and i felt so naked, also i have dd's so if i go braless its obvious, and you get even more stares i just feel naked without bras, i guess it … [more]
  • I Don't Like Being Touched By Strangers

    People Assume That Because I Have Big Breasts They Can Just Touch Me I have fairly large breasts, and people just assume they can grab them or touch me for no reason. I understand it can be of an awe type of thing were its curiosity but the disrespect that comes along … [more]
  • I Say Please and Thank You

    Being Polite Is Great it shows that youre being respectful and that you appreciate whatever that person is doing who youre saying thanks to or please to. i know it makes me happy when people do it to me , and ive had peopl… [more]