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I Want to Help You

I Really Do I really would love to help anyone who has any issues they want to talk about. i am a very good listener and know what im talking about (most of the time anyway haha :)) so dont be afraid to get in... [more]
  • I Want To Help You Be Happy

    Great At Listening And Helping With Your Problems Hi, i know im only young but i love to listen to problems people have and help to solve them. i enjoy helping people and if you have any problems or issues please let me know by leaving a comment on m… [more]
  • I Am a Very Good Listener

    Agonysam Hi, i am a male agony aunt (there is probably a proper name). but anyway, i love to listen to what you have to say and will help you if you have a problem. just get in contact with me on my whiteboard… [more]