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I Feel That I Have a Lot of Different Sides to My Personality

Happyhappyhappy feeling rather happy today and its been too long since i felt like this! me and my girlfriend are sweet and everythings sweet! i feel alot less paranoid because of this site and the help of others! im... [more]
  • I Usually Get Paranoid About the Stupidest Things

    I Hate Crying Just lately i cant stop crying at the fact that my relationship with my one and only true love is breaking apart. My partner does her best all of the time to make me happy and make me feel beautiful b… [more]
  • I Usually Get Paranoid About the Stupidest Things

    Im So In Love i get completely paranoid over the stupidest things with my partner :/ i get completely jealous over nothing and its ruining us :( we are so in love and i want to be with her until the end. Im so scar… [more]