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I am a Nursing student at FAU while the love of my life is in the US Air Force

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I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend

What To Wear?! Help! Plane tickets to San Antonio- Check. Hotel plans- check. Shuttle to and from airport and hotel- check. Ride to and from base- check. Outfits- NO CHECK!!! HELPPPP!!! OKay so on Facebook I'm part of... [more]
  • I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend

    First Call/letter? Address? When they first arrive at Lackland, how soon do you generally hear from them? On the USAF Basic Military Training page on facebook, theres people saying their airmen arrived late¬†last night and got c… [more]
  • I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend

    He Leaves Tomorrow... Tomorrow is my last day with Matty. He's staying at a hotel for the night with other Airmen and then they'll take him to MEPS on tuesday morning before he leaves officially. I've already started to re… [more]
  • I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend

    Not What I Anticipated So it's Sunday- Grilled Cheese & Jesus day, and most importantly calls... ANd I've been waiting for days to hear from him and the call was one of the shortest yet. I was soo dissappointed when he made… [more]
  • I Am a United States Air Force Girlfriend

    1 Week Before He Leaves For Bmt!!! My boyfriend and I are High school sweethearts¬†and He leaves for Basic in a week- August 9th, and I'm already taking it very hard. I leave for college in 2 weeks plus I have family in town this week … [more]