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Hmmm... I like having fun, listening to music, going to the beach, hanging with friends, meeting new people, camping, hiking, kite flying, etcetera.

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I Have a Confession

I can never make up my mind. I say one thing then decide it was stupid and not do it. I'm easily swayed to do something different. And I hate it. [more]
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    Unsure Of What To Do... When I was about 8 or 9 maybe younger I had the passing thought 'i wish I was a boy.' And then I went about playing with my brother. From that moment I would keep having this thought occasionally sayi… [more]
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    Some Helpful Links Well Gents, It’s been awhile since I wrote a story and I was struck by inspiration thanks to one of our younger peers asking for help and advice. So here’s some links that I found useful and why. … [more]
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    Life Is Funny Sometimes... It's been about a month since I last posted a story. In that month I have grown a little bit. I have talked to my mom since then and I tried to understand what she is thinking about with finally seei… [more]
  • I Am Ftm

    Great Friends Well my friends have been making me think here lately. About how much support I get from them. Honestly if your family doesn’t approve of your change or has little to no interest in you or your tra… [more]