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I Have a Confession

REality is like a smack in the face. The fog is clearing away which makes me want to go hide in a dark corner. It has been seven months sense my mom went  to be with Jesus after a horrific battle... [more]
  • I Wtk What Smell Reminds You of Your Childhood

    Sniffs The Air Smells Like Memmorys The smell of crayons - reminds me of when trying to color in the lines was the biggest challenge in life. sun tan lotion ... many afternoons of burying my brother in he sand wood b… [more]
  • I Only Have One Regret

    What Have I Done . I pushed and pushed her away for many years . Out of the 16 years that i have been on this earth 14 of those i have pushed her away. i refused to cuddle up into her arms .. i resented her for drinkin… [more]
  • I Like Thinking of Baby Names I Will Name My Children One Day

    I Love To Think About What To Name My Very Distant Future Miricles dreams of the future .. about thse little ones that will change the world and there own little ways .. some day this is what im going to name my children if who ever i marry likes some of these names… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

     February  28 last year the world seemed to have stopped moving then it started turnin g in the opposite  way ...  that day in sciene class my life changed forever ... that day in biology class we… [more]