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I Was In An Earthquake

Confusing... In about 2:00am i fell of my bed and woke up. I was like damn it and stood on my feet. I felt the house shaking like crazy. It lasted 40 secs. Things started falling off. I thought it was a very heavy... [more]
  • I Used Numbing Agent

    I Hate Clove Oil! So my tooth was hurting like crazy so i decided to take clove oil. It is disgusting and not fun. Firs its a nice vanilla flavour and then it goes very spicy inside your gums. Then it spills all over y… [more]
  • I Almost Drowned

    I Almost Drowned When I went to a water park in stoke on trent i was about 5. I thought that i could stand up in the water so i walked in then i was just floating in there with my eyes closed. sudenly i opened them an… [more]
  • I Eating A Scotch Bonnet Chilli

    Eating Scotch Bonnets So one day at the at the shop i wanted chilies. I found them but they were no ordinary chilies. they were the worlds hottest. so i decided to take one. first you taste a nice refreshing taste but afte… [more]