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I am a child of light and love that wants to spread the message of God, love, peace, and goodwill to all !

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I Attempted Suicide-Where There Is Sadness Let Me Find Joy

There was a man named Saint Francis that gave up all, and he served God greatly with all His heart, mind, and, soul by giving it all to you with infinite love for you. There are great movies about... [more]
  • I Believe In the Power of Prayer

    Prayer That Stopped Bad Weather On December 26, 2012 The Weather Channel told the viewing audience that there was a terrible storm that was coming our way. This storm would have heavy winds, tornadoes, and heavy rain. I know that th… [more]
  • I Nature Lover

    Seeking Spiritual Knowledge And Wisdom     When I went through the sixties and seventies, I desired to join the mass millions throughout the world to seek greater spiritual knowledge, and wisdom.  My parents brought me up in a Catholic… [more]
  • I Nature Lover

    The Gentle Nature's Beauty Of His Love     It was just a moment away.  A tear drop fell.  Then the soft gentle breeze of the morning  came, and moved the earth in a very special way.  I could feel the touch of love that came as I sa… [more]
  • I 've Been Changed

    We Are God's Children Of Light And Love     Recently, I went to a religious service when the minister ended his sermon with a loud "We Are Nothing".  When he finished this, I could feel everyone left a bit down.  I have had a rich, bea… [more]