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I am not interested in people who are into wetting or soiling themselves. please do not bother contacting me. you will be blocked.

So, I'm a fat crossdresser. A FAT, TALL, NONPASSABLE CLOSETED CROSSDRESSER. Seriously. I'm 6'2" and weigh 330lbs, most of it concentrated in my gut. I tried pretending I was a pregnant crossdresser for a while but I couldn't get into the mindset of it. I'm in the closet to my wife. She knows I -used- to crossdress and she's caught me in the past at different times in our relationship and thinks it's all behind me.

Things like this are -never- behind one.

Some of my friends know I crossdress. Not many. They have sense enough not to share my activities with my wife. I wish my wife knew and supported but I'm content enough for now that she doesn't. So I only discuss my activities online.

I have an Amazon wishlist at though, while I would -like- to get surprise gifts, I doubt I will.

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