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Just an abnormal girl who loves anime, gaming, and computers. I love meeting new friends and chatting :). I am a proud lesbian with a loving wife and a cute little sister. I come from a rough background but I try to put it behind me. I have a fear of many things and i have a few problems people would consider unusual. I never judge others so I ask that you don't judge me before you get to know me :)

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Favorite Quote "Everybody deals with grief differently right? Some people fuck at funerals, I cut off heads..."
  • 100% Antarctican
Vices very easily scared, pees her pants, likes to stab goats, lacks the ability to give a fuck, has a strange obsession with Persona 3 soundtrack, oh and Dia-Beetus no not really lmao
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Cancer
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Books anything besides twatlight XD.....oh also lover hunger games series :3
Music System of a down, Sla<x>yer, Lamb of God and any kinda of metal techno or rock basically
Movies anything anime... why isnt there a TV show option i watch more TV then movies... weird lol
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I Have a Confession

I've taken a handful of classes in high school where I did little to no work and instead slept, hung out with my friends, or listened to my ipod. I still passed those classes! Which fails more me or... [more]
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    How I Met My Best Friend Before I tell the story I have to explain a few things. Back in 2nd grade I was really generally hated or rejected by most of the other kids. At the time i was very awkward and very shy and didn't hav… [more]
  • I Like To Take My Clothes Off Outside

    I Do All The Time For the longest time I've loved taking off my clothes. I'm not very slutty in all reality i just really enjoy it as a serene kind of pleasure. During nice weather I like going out in the woods behind … [more]
  • I Intentionally Flashed My Panties

    My Favorite Gir Panties I absolutely love my gir panties they have a lot of history with me lol. When I was first getting with my gf she let me borrow those panties and eventually she just let me have them since i like them … [more]
  • I Am Bi

    Officially Out Of The Closet!! From today onward I am officially bi! Feels exciting to get it off my chest finally. I've been pondering it back and forth in my mind for years about who i am. I've been slowly developing attraction f… [more]