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I Still Feel Like The Other Woman

I Am Still The Other Woman - Despite Him Leaving His Wife... I have started a long distance relationship with a very old friend who has recently split from his wife and young child. I was not the reason he left his wife - the relationship had been... [more]
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    I'm in love with my friend who has just left his wife...
    About 4 months ago a good friend of mine came to visit me. We had a great night but right at the end he came onto me. We have been friends for years and I have always fancied him but he has always had a girlfriend and now she is his wife and they have a child together.He told me he wanted to leave her and start a new life with me. He has been uphappy for years and been thinking of me for years.It has really turned my world upside down and if it were anyone else I would have just left it but I truly love him and always have - I can't believe that he wants me too.So he has actually done it. He left his wife a week ago and came to visit me. It was a fantastic and weird weekend - he was down and… [more]