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I Don't Understand Lies And Gossip

Why We Gossip Gossip evolved as a way of keeping track with what everyone in the tribe was doing. It began when humans gathered in large tribes, which consisted of more people that one person could talk to or keep... [more]
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  • I Love Beautiful Lingerie

    So I'm Kind Of Addicted To Wearing Lingerie... When I'm at home by myself or with my boyfriend, I usually don't wear anything besides a corset, pantyhose, and heels. Sometimes I'll wear veils or hats, too. He thinks it's extremely sexy when I cook… [more]
  • I Dislike The ''secret Government'' Who Rule The World

    Why Trusting The Police Is Dangerous I'm sure we all grew up with the creed "always trust a cop". Indeed, this is a theme of many books, movies, television shows, and daily conversations: law enforcement officials always have the best of… [more]
  • I Want to Know the Story Behind Your Username

    Allhailisadora... It's not creative; it's my name put with the way people usually worship their leader. "Isadora" means "Egyptian goddess of fertility", so I think it's a fitting name. … [more]