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I Have a Confession

I suffer a lot of things when i was younger. Everytime my step hurt me the lights were off. And he used to put me in a dark room. so i sleep everyday with the lights on cause i feel... [more]
  • I Was Adopted

    I Was Adopted With 11 Years Old.  No one nderstand how hard it was for me.with 8 years old i went to a foster home, i hated there as i hated my home.I always lived with my mother( didnt care about us) and my big sister w… [more]
  • I Am a Sister

    I Have A Big Sister But I Dont See Her So Long Ago.! well i went to a foster house at the age of 8 yrsold and my sister was 12  yrs old. She went to a different foster home and she would visit me or call me.But We lost our contact we barely talk!… [more]
  • I Cant Forgive Or Even Forget

    my bio mom abused me and knew what my ste was doing to me and my older sister and did do anything... last time i saw her was at age 8yrs old now im almost 18 and she wrotea letter and asked forginess… [more]