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I'm just a random person who posts random things hahahaha. I'm not very interesting or good looking but whatevs. xD As long as I enjoy myself

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I Love Coffee

A Strange Reaction The morning was colder than expected, with layers of fog covering the streets. I walked to Starbucks like I usually did every other morning. I sat at the table in front of the glass window, sipping... [more]
  • I Have Embarrassing Childhood Memories

    Christmas Dive I was about six years old. It was Christmas time and all of my relatives were spending the evening with my family. Being the weird kid I am, I was helping everyone around. I was in the kitchen helping… [more]
  • I Am Fat

    Psssh Forget You! Hahaha I'm Alicia nice to meet you! I am fat and ugly and i know I am. But here's the thing: I don't care. So what if I don't have a pretty face or a model's figure? Of course, I get self conscious of my loo… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With Someone I Met Online

    A Ridiculous Thing I know this will sound absolutely crazy, but please hear me out. When i was younger, about 12 years old, I joined a chat site to talk to random people. I really liked it there, no pictures had to be u… [more]
  • I Am Tired of Being Fat

    Wow.... Ewww... Ehhh I am 5'8" and weigh maybe about 180 pounds. That's gross, right? Being fat was always a problem of mine ever since I was a baby. I used to eat a lot, mostly snacking, and ate mostly sugar. When I ente… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    So, when I was about 12 years old (15 now) I joined a random chat site. There were people with no pictures of themselves, just drawings, scenery, whatever they wanted. I met this guy on there, and we became good friends. We chatted on the site for about 2 years, until I gave him my number to text. I've fallen for him so badly, but I don't want to say anything. I don't know what he looks like, he doesn't know what I look like; but, we have told so much about each other that I believe him. He's 17, turning 18 in a couple of weeks, and lives halfway across the U.S. in Georgia, me in California. I don't know what to do arrgh. Anyway, I ended up telling him I liked him, and he liked me too. Whoa!… [more]