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I Sleep With a Stuffed Animal

No One Knows i got a stuffed unicorn when i was in kindergarten and her name is unie (ironic ,huh) . shes blue and white with a faded rainbow mane . she looks soo old looking , and broken. shes use to go... [more]
  • I Often Feel Like I'm All Alone In This World

    Invisible And All Alone ,no One Understands well some times i feel like I'm only here to be the shoulder to cry on , the scapegoat, the worker, the unwanted, extra, lifeless,invisible ,  and the odd man out .… [more]
  • I Cant Stand My Dads Sh It Filled Family

    My Aunts Hate My Mom, Me And My Sister !!!!! my dads sisters never really accepted my mom and me as family . like when ever there's a birthday we would never know and the big stepping stones in my cousins life we are never in . the important thi… [more]
  • I Just Lost a Family Member

    My Cousins my aunt has recently lost a pregnancy of twin baby girls and they were very important to me because i am the only pair twins in both sides of my family . so you see another pair was like one in a mill… [more]
  • I Love Greyson Chance

    That Song i love all his songs they are awesome especially waiting outside the lines… [more]