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When speaking with most feminists I find my capacity to give a damn has been overshadowed by an over abundance of go f*ck yourself.

Feminists are liars, and cheats, and have no compunction for bending the truth. For their lies, half truths, misinformation, deception, subterfuge and innuendo they should be exposed as the criminals and con-persons they are; arrested on-sight and thrown in jail for the generations of ruined relationships, failed marriages, ruined lives, and the huge fortunes of no-accountability child support payments they have forced people (mostly men) to pay (translation: legalized theft through the court system).

Feminism is a threat, not only to the family, but to society.

• 3 things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.

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Favorite Quote Behold! The field in which I grow my f*cks for feminism. Lay thine eyes upon it and thou shalt see that it is barren.
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